What Features Should a Good Portable Basketball Hoop Have?

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When I was younger my hoops dreams were very much alive and well. My friends and I would do anything from yelling “kobeeeeee!” while hitting fadeaways to yelling “sorrrrrrry!” at the passing cars that altered their path to avoid the fatal accident of a rolling ball. Not to say my hoop dreams don’t exist anymore, they do. But they follow the sleeping pattern of your everyday working adult and they play for the Lakers… Though time management skills need to change as we get older, kids and adults can all agree that there are certain “must-haves” to a Spalding NBA portable basketball hoop.

Support Poles

spalding 50 inch portable basketball system

As a kid in the Instagram world of basketball trainers, it might seem impractical to get your own rebounds. Luckily one of the great features of portable hoops is a rebounding mechanism. Companies would actually refer to this as an angled support pole but as a kid, it is most commonly seen as “rebounder”. The use of an angled support pole/platform is to give you more room than the common straight up and down poles that too often get in the way of those who play. They make it so the portable hoop can lean against something and give players more room to bash it out in the post without flaring elbows needing frequent doctor visits. The original use of an angled support pole is well-intended and keeps the hoop from falling over but it does a great job with a few other things. One of the biggest problems for anyone playing on a portable hoop is the location. It is the whole reason for buying such a hoop. Driveways slant and neighbors across the way are frequent to hear the denting sound a basketball hitting their garage after a less than ideal bounce. I personally have had hoops with a support pole platform and more times the net or wind pushes the ball into the angled surface like a pass back to me instead of a bullet coming right at the garage of the neighbor who works night shifts. This is a win-win situation in the world of adults vs kids in that younger people get more space to play and if you are lucky those around will not have as many complaints.

How Portable?

The next feature is Portability. Not all home courts are created equal, some come equipped with wheels. This is self-explanatory and important when it comes to the definition of portability. Just because a basketball hoop has “portable” in its title does not mean it is easy to move around. The best basketball hoops also have an adjustable height and one that is easy to consistently change. These existed when I used to shoot hundreds of shots a day but sometimes needed a broom. They are pretty simple now in that they just have levers to do all the magic. This makes your purchase a versatile investment that can grow with a child or serve as the progressional steps to a professional dunk career. Kids love being able to slam it down when their bodies won’t allow it just yet on a regulation hoop. This leads me to the idea that a breakaway rim is ideal when a hoop is getting dunked on more than intended. Chances are as people get older it just becomes the place to work on the NBA Dunk Contest after the show.

Polycarbonate/Glass Backboard.

The key to having a portable basketball hoop for skills and actually translate them is a polycarbonate or glass backboard. These give the most realistic bounce or rebounds as opposed to a plastic or wood backboard, so much so that if you practice backboard shots on plastic backings and try to show off the new skills inside a gym you might actually end up being worse. Plastic and wood backboards are notorious for dead spots and have no give. It can be psychologically scarring to get better at something for months and not have it translate. These are the things that can ruin confidence and as an adult making a purchase for your child or a professional mastering your craft, just know that confidence is everything.

Main Benefits Of Buying Compact Ellipticals

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Exercising is good for you, but how many people manage to stick to their elliptical workout routine each and every day? If you are among the ones who hardly find time to exercise a few times a week, you should analyze your lifestyle and your habits, in order to see what you could possibly improve to make room for fitness in your life.


You may already have a gym membership, but are you able to use it more than once a week? If the answer is no, you should give up your membership and try to put together a nice home gym, where to exercise whenever you can find a few spare minutes. The biggest benefit of buying a compact elliptical is that you can easily find a place for it inside your apartment. This can help you increase the amount of exercise you do.

If you can come home during your lunch break, you can jump on your elliptical and have ten minutes of intense workout, followed by a shower. You may also want to exercise early in the morning, before getting ready to go to work. Late-night can be another good moment for a few minutes of cardio training. Convenience is one of the most important benefits of buying a compact elliptical bike. You can check here to see how people share their experience of having portable ellipticals.

A basic home gym can be your surefire way to better fitness and healthier life. Once you have the required best elliptical equipment in your home, exercising will be easier than ever. Besides, you are going to save a lot of money, as gym memberships aren’t cheap. The cost of a compact elliptical is way lower, so it’s worth considering getting one instead of paying for a gym subscription you barely use.


Everybody can be fit and healthy, without having to spend a lot of money and time. Home gym elliptical is the secret. More models to choose, check reviews at

3 Best Tips Of Avoid Injury From Kung Fu Training

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People learn martial arts because of different reasons. There are those who learn for the purpose of top self defense martial arts while others learn to participate in fighting sports such as kickboxing and Kung Fu tournaments.  Another reason why people learn martial arts is to maintain fitness, if you want your body to become flexible. However, even though training martial arts has various benefits, that does not mean that there are no challenges that you will face and one the biggest challenges that most Kung Fu trainees face are injuries.

learn best shaolin kungfu

Tips On How To Avoid Severe Injuries During Dung Fu Practice

Practicing either jujitsu, judo, karate or even beginning kung fu, requires a lot of concentration and determination. Furthermore, you also need to understand that any of these practices can be dangerous, and it is necessary that you prepare yourself before you can start practicing.

1. To avoid injuries during your training, make sure that you are physically fit,and the best way to do this is to book an appointment with your doctor for physical examination.  The main aim of doing this is to make sure that you do not have musculoskeletal or neurological problems as well as cardiovascular issues.

2. Another way of avoiding injuries during Kung Fu training is to put on protective equipment such as headgear, protective waist belts and a mouthguard for protecting your teeth. Especially at kids kung fu classes. Furthermore, make sure that you have proper footwear. If your training ground has matted floors, then you might want to avoid clothing that can make you slip such as socks.In the end.

3. When training Kung Fu, it is advisable that you focus on every technique that is being executed. You can also avoid injuries by monitoring because you will learn how to perform each move correctly and understand the dangers that are involved.

best kungfu technique


Ranking first in studying best chinese martial arts without sustaining injuries is a great achievement because you will be able to continue with your training and perfect your skills.

The Different Types of Rowing Machines

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Rowing machines are not all the same, they come in different configurations. Some come with digital components like meters, while others do not come with any such read outs. In many ways, those are best rowing equipment. One of the biggest difference between models is what it uses for resistance, this is the thing that can determine a $30 floor pusher from a $2000 wood constructed model.

Different Types of Rowing MachinesGas Piston Rowers

Most lowend rowers use pistons to act as resistance against the pulling of the handles. This is a very inexpensive way to go about it and for many people this is all that they will ever need. The only issues is that it isn’t as smooth and fluid as other methods but it will get the job done.

Flywheel With Wind Resistance

A step up from the gas piston models are flywheel-wind resistance models. These models are immediately recongnized by the big wheel in fron of them that spends and used resistance from the air to control the rower. These work very good, they are more fluid than gas piston models but they are not the best ultimate rowers.

Water Resistance Rowers

Look around on the internet and you will see that these modles are the most expensive, and for a good reason. They are the best of the best because they give the most real life rowing experience. They are fluid and smooth. These models are very costly but are worth the money of you can afford.  The best yearly rowing machines you can choose are

Best Selling Water Resistance Rowers

As a person interested in a rower, you will need to learn what these differences are and what to invest your money in. The different types do not operate the same but will give the same physical results.  For someone just looking for fitness, any model would do.

For people with tight budget for beginner, the best affordable rowing machines on this page may fit your needs:

Best Tips For Choosing Water Filled Punching Bags Sold Today

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If you are going to start training for a boxing match, or even MMA fighting, you will want to have a punching bag that can withstand all of your training. Punching bags typically hang from above, but they can also be positioned on the ground. Both styles can be water filled. There are pros and cons associated with all of these different punching bags. Here is how you can find some of the best free-standing punching bag available, plus find ones that are highly recommended at a low cost.

The Benefits Of Water Filled Punching Bags

Free-standing boxing bag reviewsThe main reason that people choose these punching bags is that they give you a more lifelike experience. Instead of punching into sand, or even synthetic material, water makes it feel like you are actually hitting someone else. Additionally, it can actually help reduce the amount of pressure or force that is on your hands or legs as you are making your strikes.

Many people that are done working out often feel a great deal of pain on their wrists, elbows or even their shoulders. Water bags will prevent this from happening. They are made of durable rubber, allowing them to absorb even the strongest blows, and can be hung by a simple steel chain.

Click here to see reviews of the most selling floor boxing bags people highly recommend:

How Large Should The Bag Be?

The bags can go all the way up to 180 pounds if that’s the size that you need. They can also go down to 10 pounds for practicing your combinations. If you are able to, definitely invest in one of these bags to improve your strength, punching power, and your accuracy. You will never have to worry about the shell bursting, especially if you are purchasing from companies like Ringside Tsunami which is a leader in this industry. Regardless of what you get, always look at reviews that people of made about these water filled punching bags before you make your purchase.

Choose a right punching bag fit your home, enjoy the happiness of punching and kicking! And more about professional reviews of different punching bags, you can go and see the site: LetsPunching.Com