Rowing machines are not all the same, they come in different configurations. Some come with digital components like meters, while others do not come with any such read outs. In many ways, those are best rowing equipment. One of the biggest difference between models is what it uses for resistance, this is the thing that can determine a $30 floor pusher from a $2000 wood constructed model.

Different Types of Rowing MachinesGas Piston Rowers

Most lowend rowers use pistons to act as resistance against the pulling of the handles. This is a very inexpensive way to go about it and for many people this is all that they will ever need. The only issues is that it isn’t as smooth and fluid as other methods but it will get the job done.

Flywheel With Wind Resistance

A step up from the gas piston models are flywheel-wind resistance models. These models are immediately recongnized by the big wheel in fron of them that spends and used resistance from the air to control the rower. These work very good, they are more fluid than gas piston models but they are not the best ultimate rowers.

Water Resistance Rowers

Look around on the internet and you will see that these modles are the most expensive, and for a good reason. They are the best of the best because they give the most real life rowing experience. They are fluid and smooth. These models are very costly but are worth the money of you can afford.  The best yearly rowing machines you can choose are

Best Selling Water Resistance Rowers

As a person interested in a rower, you will need to learn what these differences are and what to invest your money in. The different types do not operate the same but will give the same physical results.  For someone just looking for fitness, any model would do.

For people with tight budget for beginner, the best affordable rowing machines on this page may fit your needs:

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