Lamps have been there all through the ages, they are used to bring light and to use as an ornament. Lamps are simple but they are also purposeful. They give a radiance of class and sophistication to your space be it a living room, study or bedroom. One thing is for sure, lamps have been the preferred ornamental lighting for people over the years due to its practicality and usefulness. Lamps came in all shapes, sizes, colors, designs, features, and shades, they practically make you spoilt for choice, and the limit unto which they are customizable is endless. You can pick a lamp at lamppicker to suit your creativity, to match up your decor or for the simple task of providing light. The market is full of lamps for your choosing and choosing a lamp can be confusing due to the fact that they are many and hard to choose. Here are some tips on how to choose a lamp:

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  • Consider the Purpose
    This is to know the reason as to why you need a lamp. You need to think critically and analyses why you need a lamp, it may be to boost the ornamental look of your desired space, for reading, dressing and putting on makeup or it can be a night light in your bedroom. Once you establish the reason as to why you need a lamp, you need to look at the various lamps that may suit your needs. Identify the specifications of the lamp that can best help you achieve your desired purpose.
  • Cost of the Lamp
    Due to the assortment of lamps in the market, lamps are priced differently and you can find a lamp for any price range. When buying a lamp, establish a budget and the lamp you buy must fall into your specific budget limit. Take a keen look into the cost of the lamp and match it to its practicality, if you need to buy a highly-priced lamp, you need to ascertain that it is practical and can function well for a long time. A lamp is a long term investment that you can use over the years hence it also needs to be durable hence it is only logical to buy lamps that are relatively priced, not too high and not too low.
  •  The Size of the Lamp
    When choosing the size of the lamp, the first thing to look at is the spot you intend to place the lamp. Lamps come as either desk lamps or floor lamps. The spot in which you decide to place the lamp will determine whether you are going to buy a table lamp or floor lamp. Both table lamps and floor lamps come in various sizes after you have identified the type of lamp you need, then it is time to decide on the preferred size you need.
  • Background and Decor
    When deciding to buy a lamp, you need to consider the background of the spot you decide to place the lamp and the decor of the whole room. The lamp should match the decor and background so as not to clash. You need to match the color and patterns of the background. Even if the lamp is not ornamental, you should choose one that matches the background and decor to avoid the weird and misplaced look.

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