Smoking meat is one of the best methods to add flavor to your barbecue meat. Most grills come with their smoker boxes fitted into them. If you’re wondering how you can smoke meat in a smoker well you’re reading the right post. I admit it requires some time and a little bit of work to come up with higher quality smoked meat but it is worth all the difficulty. Listed below are some of the methods you can smoke meat in a smoker.

Steps to smoke the meats using an electric smoker

Prepare the meat

Make sure the meat you would like to smoke is ready. This can be achieved by slicing towards the thickness you desire as well as by adding the flavors you would like. For instance you can soak your meat in marinades or use a rub to enhance the flavor.

Prepare the wood

You need wood to create smoke for smoking your meat. Consequently prepare the wood by soaking it in water for some time like an hour or so. Remember you have to soak the wood simply because you want smoke and not flame. If you’re utilizing wood chips for smoking, wrap the wet chips inside a tin foil and make some holes around the foil exactly where smoke will escape.

Place wood in the smoker

When buying a smoker box, the manufacturer will always give you instructions on how you can use. Follow the manufacturer’s directions and place the wood exactly where it should be within the smoker.

Light the source of heat

After putting the wood correctly on the smoker ignite the source of heat. If you’re using a gas or a best rated electric smoker they’ll regulate the meat for you personally. If you are using a charcoal smoker, make sure you spend close attention to make sure the temperature is maintained in the smoker.

Place meat on the meat racks

Place your previously prepared meat on the meat racks of your smoker.

Maintain the temperature

A temperature of about 225-degrees is needed. You need to try your very best to achieve these temperatures and then strive to preserve them.

Add charcoal

You need to strive to preserve a steady temperature and therefore you need to add more charcoal exactly where necessary. When the smoke appears to become diminishing, add more wood chips.

Remove the meat when ready

Smoked meat will usually remain pink because of the chemical reactions using the smoke. It could be very had therefore to know whether or not the meat is prepared. If you are using a recipe book, the time needed for the meat to become prepared will be stated there and it’s up to you to do the proper timing. The best method to inform it’s ready is by observing the way it pulls apart and not by taking a look at the color. Keep in mind to not overcook the meat to ensure that the flavor can be retained.

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